Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gattaca VS House Of The Scorpion

Have you ever thought about what makes you, you?, or even how what you are made of can change your whole fate?

well we watched movie call “Gattaca”, and in “Gattaca” what you are made of matters, and it matches the general theme in "House Of The Scorpion" by a person that is not considered human and because he/she is not considered human all the people like him/her are made to clean and do jobs, and they can NEVER move up in the ranks and they can NEVER try and do anything different because they are discriminated against due to their imperfections, in “House Of The Scorpion” if you were a clone or an Eejit then nobody really cared about you or if you died because you “weren’t real” they didn't care if you died because they saw you as something that is imperfect, something that will work for them and that could die whenever they would just get another one but if the people that are considered human happened to die then everyone would be in tears and they did cared or acted like they cared.

The valid people in “Gattaca” they genetically modified them before birth so the parents could get exactly what they wanted with no flaws and it worked every time, soon their was very few of the in-valids left. All those people that are genetically modified get the better end of life, the better jobs, better opportunities, better everything because in “Gattaca” one of the privileges the valids got was to fly to Saturn’s 14th moon called Titan.

Genetically modifying humans at birth, you would most likely think that everything would be perfect, however in “Gattaca” Anton (who was a valid) was not perfect because if he was perfect then Vincent (who is an in-valid)would never have been able to catch up and beat him twice when they did their own swimming challenge, however those two times they went swimming together Vincent beat Anton and then Vincent had to help Anton back to the shore, Because Vincent always wanted to beat Anton so he practiced a lot and was able to beat him.

Finally, How do you think that Vincent made it through the security checks when they were always surprise checks ? How did the people not know that the original person that Vincent is pretending to be, how did they not know he was injured ?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Real Life Farm Patrol


I find that in Canada our border patrol is not as strict and mean, unlike the farm patrol in the "House Of The Scorpion", because it must have been a really big problem in the "House Of The Scorpion" for them to taser/shoot and catch people to turned them into eejits.

however, the American border patrol is also a little hastier then most boarders. they could deny you access from entering the other country and that is  like when they capture the people to keep them from leaving.

in Celia’s story she and some friends were taken through the Ajo mountains but their coyote left them and they all almost ended up dying or they did at some point because some fell off cliffs and died while others half died when farm patrol found them and turned them into Eejits except for Celia because of El patron, he recognized her accent and that is how Celia ended up working for El patron and not dying .

I don't know if we have coyotes now but they are no good, because they help people across the border illegally and if anything gets hairy they just abandon you to die. With that El patron-controlled many other things as well like a president or prime minister would, things such as the rights of the people, how the people think, how the people talk, how the people act, how the people change, and everything that the people do, El patron even created fear in some of the hardest people that there is to form fear in like Tam Lin, Daft Donald, Hugh, Ralf, and Wee Wallie, they are the hardest to conflict horror in because they are terrorists but some have changed for the better and they do not act bad and they also remain under El patrons control because otherwise they get convicted to prison or worse when they go back to the land of which they came from/where El patron got them.

overall I think real life farm patrol is would be really bad but when you think about it, we almost have the same thing as real life farm patrol, because we do have border patrol and like i wrote earlier they can deny you access to go into another country, however, going into another country sometimes illegally is not always bad because in my article it shows how Canadian RCMP’s were welcoming the people, like how in house of the scorpion how 2 of the keepers welcomed matt into Aztlan when he got away from farm patrol.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

what was the most influential worldview in matts life?

The most influential worldview in Matt's life would be equality with others.

It is equality with others because he is a clone and almost everyone hates him except for a couple people like Celia, Tam Lin, El patron, and Maria, plus in the book he always thinks to himself that because he is a clone that nobody cares about him, that he is not important, that he is useless, and that his opinion or thoughts don't matter.

Every time he thinks that nobody cares about him he becomes meaner to others and then he does something mean like when tom showed Matt and Maria MacGregor’s ugly clone that looked really really bad because of the how much alcohol MacGregor consumed, he was hurt by that, and then he moved toms seating spot to the BABY table to get revenge. as well as when Maria didn't want to give Matt his birthday present because he moved Tom to the baby table she threw it onto the lawn and said that he didn't deserve it, Matt then once he finally received the gift he demanded a kiss from maria and she was not at all inclined to do so, but El patron ordered it as well for Matt because Matt is El patrons clone, because of how powerful El patron is Matt got the kiss, and maria stormed off.

anyway again I think that the most influential worldview in Matt's life was equality with others because everyone saw him as unordinary, altered, different, incomparable, inconsistent, and unequal clone so they treated him like a piece of DIRT merely to be STEPPED on and overlooked. another reason I think that it is equality with others is that ALL of the Alacrans thought they were "BETTER" then Matt because he was only a clone and he was not a real person, like clones are only meant for spare body parts once the originals go into disrepair, however, they treated him nicely when El patron came to visit, but when he left it was back to normal and everyone ignored him like usual.

so that is why equality with others is the world view that was affected most through Matt's life in the novel.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


A person can be both good and evil at the same time like how if they have good intentions but what they do turns out ending up bad and in that they didn't mean to be evil or rude they just ended up being mean or rude by accident because they meant to be good, that is how someone can be both good and evil. 
It is like if someone you know acts really mean and bad when they are with people but they act like they are an angel when they are around adults, parents or even others in general, then they are both good and evil. It is like how Tom acted all innocent in front of the Alacrán adults but was really mean to Matt, Maria, and Furball, or like Felicia, everyone thought that she was just another lonely drunk but really she knew almost everything around the house by watching the security cameras (spying on people) and how she killed Furball and had Matt blamed making Maria hate Matt and everyone else despising him for “lying” and saying that he didn't kill Furball.

Matt always thought of Tom as an unnatural little weevil meaning that he thinks Tom is a pest Matt also punishes tom by putting him at the baby table and that makes Matt good and evil because he is being evil to Tom but he is always nice to Maria. A person can also be good and evil at the same time if they want to be really nice but also still hate the person they could/probably would slip in an insult anyway just because they are mean like that. 
If someone is mean to you and nice to others it is probably time for you to get a new friend because then you will probably start being mean to others as well... it is like bullying if someone bullies you, you will turn around and bully someone else then they will bully someone else and it turns into a really long chain that nobody likes, but then it is possible that the evil/good person will come along and cheer up one of the people and they could reverse the chain to make everyone happy/good again.

It is possible for someone to be both GOOD and EVIL.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pages 1-100 review "house of the scorpion"

In Humanities, we started reading a novel called “house of the scorpion — Nancy Farmer” I think it is an interesting book because it's about “a boy who was not born he was harvested— back cover person”

Chapter 1 I am wondering why did they put the embryos into cows because they could have put them into humans but they didn’t.
2. I like how Nancy Farmer chose to make this book with Spanish and English because it adds Content to this book with how people might interpret individually things and understand things differently.
3. It was surprising that matt broke the glass from the window because Celia always told him to stay away from other people especially if they came up to the house. but he did anyway and then he jumped through the window, landing on the glass and cutting his feet, and when they were cleaning his wound they wound the words “Property Of The Alacrán Estate” tattooed on his foot, then I found it sad that the man that came in told rosa to throw matt out onto the grass, I can't believe she actually did dump him out. 
4. I didn't like how almost everyone only Maria, Celia, El patron, and Tam Lin liked matt for himself, everyone else hated matt because he was a clone 
5. I don't like how Rosa thought that because he was a clone that she could treat him like he was worth nothing.

6. I don't like how Willum betrays rosa in saying that he had no idea that she put matt in wood shavings like an animal because he was fully aware of it and he said it was good for matt.
7. with the teacher I didn't realize she was a clone when they were talking about how matt was annoyed at counting over and over with the.
8. I liked how Nancy Farmer had Tam Lin explain what an “Eejit" meant to matt because it helped me as the reader understand more what it was.
9. when matt goes into the secret passage and overhears the conversation I found that confusing 

10. El Patron when he was talking about how the doctors helped him with a new treatment, how he joked with them about how they would be happy with his “heartfelt thanks” and then he laughed and gave them one-million-dollar checks   

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Scorpion Project

In class today we are starting a new project called “the scorpion project” it will be from now for about a month we will be reading a novel called “The house of the Scorpion” it is about a boy that was not born; he was harvested - nancy farmer. I am also going to be actively taking notes on it for more blog posts after this one.
for this project, I am really excited and I feel it will be a fun project because it sounds interesting and odd at the same time I also think it might be one of those books that you always remember. I think I am most excited about figuring out how it all happened like how he ended up in a cow and why he was harvested and not born. I am most nervous about how it might end, but we shall see after we read it.
📖 Let's read 📖

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Little Prince

You were a kid before right?
Well when you were a kid did your parents let you have fun with your imagination? Or did they limit it so you couldn't use your imagination and all you could do was adult things? 

Well I am Kendra, in class we watched a film called “the little prince”.
We watched it because in it it explores the question “should children’s exposure to whimsical ideas be limited in order to effectively prepare them for adulthood.” Personally I think children should be able to use their imagination whenever.  If kids don't have imagination they will grow up to be like the mom in the little prince and they will plan every minute of every day for others like their son or daughter, and this is not good
I think that it should be a thing that is completely one of their own rights (reasonably).But I think that people/adults should help prepare kids more for adulthood without limiting their ideas/imagination.They might be able to do this by putting them in situations that adults are sometimes put in, or have them end up being in a situation depending on their choices, then we can see if they can use their imagination and ideas to help them get out of it.

Again, for me children should be able to use their imagination as much as they want to but not to the point that they are being really silly with it. Albert Einstein said “creativity is contagious, so pass it on”. Also Sir Ken Robinson who is an expert in learning and children’s education, says and I quote “imagination is the source of all human achievement”, And Psychologist Sandra Russ identified a number of different cognitive and affective developments in the brain processes that are associated with pretend play and imagination.

What could children achieve and invent if they put their minds to it?.So I would like to ask you again, when you were a kid did you get to use your imagination or not?. And finally what do you think about limiting children's imagination?.