Friday, January 12, 2018

The End

This novel is a great read, it is a good candidate for a global issue because 
climate change is an issue killing many of the animals it affects, my novel 
focuses specifically on polar bears and how they were extirpated from 
nanurtalik. However polar bears started traveling back to Nanurtalik due 
to climate changes in the other areas the polar bears were staying. Though 
it is more of a story and talks about restarting the tourist attraction of bear 
hunts, it still talks about the issue of climate change and how it affects the 
distribution of polar bears across the frozen tundra.

This novel is intriguing and captures your attention with its turn of events 
throughout the whole novel. Though partially predictable due to the back 
blurb it still has lots of little surprises along the way, quite a page turner.

I would definitely recommend this novel to any reader. Mainly individuals 
interested in animals and global issues, focused on climate change, global 
warming, or other environmental issues because, though it might seem a 
little out of the ordinary it is really interesting, enticing, and captivating 
throughout the whole novel. It keeps you on your toes about what might 
happen next, leaves you in the dark if you put it down wondering what 
might happen next.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


This is a baby polar bear I drew it because it can allude to how Ashley is a Shaman-in-training, 
she hasn’t fully grown to be a nanurluk which work closely with shaman in the spirit world. 
which brings me to why I kept it black and white,  she hasn't fully unlocked her true colors yet, 
she has much more she can learn not only from polar bears, but uncle Jonah's history, her 
dreams, family, art, and much more.

For better or worse, Rosie was right. I am a Shaman-in-training. But even now that 
uncle Jonah is gone, I know I’ll never train alone. How could I when Ashley and 
Uitajuq are one

That quote is what is written around the edges of the polar bear. It is the last 4 
sentences in the novel and it shows how ashley is finally understanding that she is 
so much more than someone who can dream and draw, she has connections with 
not only polar bears, but is named after a possible shaman.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Gabe spelled out in braille 

Mom always loved to come up with new stories, I loved to listen to what she had to 
say. She always tried to convince Ash, but she never bought it and always brought 
it back to her smoking addiction with words such as “I don't know how you can 
believe this wacky stuff, But not that smoking will kill you”(Bastedo 143) or “So a 
few puffs from your cigarette could bring London bridge tumbling down”(Bastedo 143).

I know I am one to talk considering I am adopted, blind, autistic, and a victim of fetal 
alcohol syndrome. Believing that some “Dr. Masaru Emoto. A doctor of alternative 
medicine”(Bastedo 145) could heal all my issues, I couldn't help but think there was a 
possibility to cure all my illnesses. Or at least that bubble popped when Ash blurted 
out “Forget it, Gabe, what you’ve got is incurable”(Bastedo 145). I couldn't believe she 
would dare say that, though I hate to know it is true, of all the other things she could say. 
She followed up her talking after mom with “Mom, Please. You’ll rot Gabe’s gullible mind”
(Bastedo 145), all I could think to respond with was “Gullible schmullible, Ash,”(Bastedo 
145). Mom went on more about “The butterfly effect” (Bastedo 142) for a little, talking 
about how “If music can send good vibes why not her art?”(Bastedo 145) “Or her lively 
dreams”, Ash finally looked up from peeling the potatoes, it was clear she didn't think 
much of on the topic. I couldn't help but blurt out “whats gullible mean, Ash?”(Bastedo 
145). Mom continued on with more information about Dr. Emoto and his beliefs related 
to the shaping of crystals from the positive or negative energy in the water around them. 
Basically what I got from this is showing the water “‘love and thanks’ can form the most 
beautiful water crystals”(Bastedo 146)”prayerful songs delivered over a body of water 
created the same kinds of molecular changes in water.’”. Hearing this I ran to my room 
grabbed my fiddle and ran to the bathroom, followed by playing “Drowsey Maggie.”
(Bastedo 147). All in all, I feel the water will be happy with my song, no matter how far 
fetched the idea.

Many people think is really difficult to live life being blind, autistic,  and fetal alcohol 
syndrome, however, I get along fine with my loving family, through our trials and 
triumphs, we always end up fine if we are all together. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rights vs Nanurtalik

Collective rights and individual rights are all spelled out in the charter of rights  
and freedoms but it is missing and key group of people. The Indigenous. They 
are a small section of the constitution but they are not in the charter of rights 
and freedoms. This is not fair because they are also individual people, and 
should have just as many rights as we claim we should have.

The Canadian charter of rights and freedoms can come into effect with my novel 
due to the fact it is based in Canada, however, i don't know the year the setting is 
so the charter might not have existed yet.

Nanurtalikians don't have official figures to vote on they only have “Lord Gord” a 
pasture for the church and their elders that only speak Inuktitut. The individuals 
of Nanurtalik don’t vote much or ever on who represents them because lord gord 
is self-appointed along with no one else wanted the job, the elders stay on the
 side and only come into play during the town meetings.

All Nanurtalikians are free to express what they believe, feel, want, and know. 
Ashley shows her true colors through drawings and dreams, the entire town 
adores her lifelike drawings and enjoy the creativity.
Everyone in nanurtalik can travel whenever, wherever they want if they want to. 
No limits to where they want to travel aside from the cost because they are not a 
very wealthy town, and watch their spending closely.

Throughout my whole novel, there was never a real running with the law and there 
was never a chance to figure out if a person is innocent until proven guilty but they all 
seemed forgiving, kind, and open-hearted to wait and see the other person's point 
of view and what happened.

All Nanurtalikians are free to speak any language they feel and have small a school 
to educate in English and Inuktitut.

So whenever this book took place it was following the charter of rights and freedoms 
fairly well, or finding a way around them from not having the ability to follow or not 
follow the charter 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Butterfly Effect

Ashley’s mother Carole has a surprising view of the world and how it is all connected. She believes that though you may be living in your own little bubble with just your town, friends, and family, only living and think about the few people around you. That whatever you do it is connected to not only the people living around you but across the world and all over the universe. No matter how big an impact it may be.

She calls it “the butterfly effect”(Bastedo 142) which is “the idea that every little thing we do has an impact on our world”(Bastedo 142) because almost the same thing happens in real life, maybe not as overstated as:
a single butterfly in China flaps its wings, it produces a tiny change in the air around it. Though very small, this triggers a different change of atmospheric events to unfold. Since our weather is connected in one dynamic system, this change can spread to the other side of the planet, So, a month later, a tornado devastates a town in Oklahoma - because a Chinese butterfly flapped its wing.’ (Bastedo 143)

This surprised me because however far-fetched it might be, it is partially true about our world. Maybe not with weather impacts aside from an earthquake usually resulting in a tsunami, but not with an animal causing a tornado. Because of the changes in other economies, it affects the economies we live in and it all changes around the world based on resource costs, availability, and quality.

Overall this was surprising because of how much it relates to us and every individual, and I like how the author decided to include that little tidbit in the novel.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Uitajuq - Ashely

Shamans belt. Made of polar bear claws
Uitayuq is Ashley's Inuktitut name, meaning "his/her eyes are open and stay open."Pronounced "U-tah-yuk"(Bastedo 348). Ashley is a dreamer, the main focus of her dreams is around polar bears. She visualizes many polar bears along with envisioning a great shaman, you can identify a shaman by their polar bear claw belt (pictured right). Though she is just a child she is learning and developing her gift and trying to understand why she dreams.

She lives with her older brother Gabe, younger brother Pauloosie, Uncle Jonah, grandma Aana, Macaw Wiggins, Mom Carole, and Dad Moise. they live in a small house with a giant table in the middle to welcome others in if they need help or a person to talk to.

Over the flood, her best friend Rosie's house completely collapsed. She lost everything, aside from what she was able to carry out, from clothing to a small special drum that was all she had. Many people's houses also disappeared, many people came to Ashley's house and sat around their table talking and receiving care almost like a homeless shelter, which it was very similar because all these people had no home and they got some of the fresh baking Ashley's mom recently made.

Though Ashley lives with many, many people she still feels alone and isolated. She does not have many friends she only truly feels confident to try anything, and like herself when she is with Rosie.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

On Thin Ice

Book cover picture to "On Thin Ice"
Polar bears all around the town, death of a friend, climate change resulting in melting of permafrost. All of which are aspects in the novel "On Thin Ice" I have chosen for our novel study this year.

This novel caught my eye by its cutting title, reading the blurb on the back only enticed me more, due to its cliff hangars following with emotional appeal, along with finding polar bears all over the town.

I expect this to be an interesting book with lots of current issues along the lines of climate change, habitat loss and Inuit culture, all pulled from the title, blurb, and picture.